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Paper Bag Making MachineWe all get inspiration from what we see and what we read. Finetech Tissue Machines also get inspired with the cleanliness and decided to form an ecosystem that balances the beauty of nature with the customer centric products. We have almost all the machines used in the paper industry to manufacture high quality Tissue Papers, Paper Bags, Toilet Rolls, etc.

Since the plastic bags are non-biodegradable product and this fact is enough to destroy the healthy balance of ecosystem. It harms the environment in extreme as a result we will someday make our planet a biggest dumping zone. To end this here, we at Finetech Tissue Machines, decided to go for some eco-friendly products and contribute in a manner that serves the world with the healthy alternative. We offer a great range of machines that enables the manufacturers in the paper industry to do some extraordinary jobs as to make the world a better place to live. Our wide range of the products includes Tissue Paper Napkin Machine, Paper Bag Making Machine, Toilet Paper Roll Machine, C-Fold Towel Making Machine, Multi Size Napkin Folder Machine, and many more to name.

We pride ourselves to deliver quality that always our customer requires. We are based in Haryana and managing the global shipment of the products. We use high quality raw material to make every machine to last long and give desired results. Our mission is to make a revolutionary change in the paper industry to make the world greener.

Our Wide Assortment Of Machines Includes -

  • Paper Bag Making Machine: In every industry, the paper bags are the most used thing for the packaging of different items. Since the ban of the polythene bags, these bags are immensely popular and are eco-friendly in nature. The most complicated thing is, every industry requires different sized bag to keep the things safe. Buying different machines for different sized bags is no possible at all. The Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturers have brought a simple solution for this problem. You can manufacture different sized paper bags with the machine to meet the demand of every industry.
  • Automatic Toilet Paper Roll Machine: As the name of the product suggests, the machine works on the touch of the button. The user has to put the raw material in the machine and the selectable menu allows the user to choose the mode of the operation. You just need to wait to see the final product manufactured in front of your eyes and collect it afterwards. The machine has great winding and unwinding speed for the better control on the production of the output. We know that this small product is so important in every place so we are making machines to give you finest quality material.
  • Tissue Paper Napkin Machine: The cleanliness is maintained everywhere no matter it is a home or an office. The tissue papers contribute significantly to make your surroundings clean. It is used to unwind the jumbo roll of the paper to make square or rectangle shaped high quality tissue papers. The high speed of machine produces great output in less time while maintaining the quality to satisfy the customer requirements. The slit cutting blades are sharp enough to keep the edges clean and pointed. It runs on the low energy consumption to keep you on the strict budget.

About Finetech Tissue Machines –

In the world of paper industry, Finetech Tissue Machines has gained huge global recognition to serve the worldwide customers with the greatest possibilities. We have well-equipped manufacturing unit to ensure the quality production of the machines. We also stress on using advanced technology for providing you better satisfaction with the quality of every product. Incorporated in 2012, we are serving the different corners of the world. In the development of environmental protection, we have prepared some better solutions. Using paper bags in place of plastic ones can improve the conditions and create a right balance of ecosystem. We are the most prestigious Tissue Paper Napkin Machine Manufacturers in the global market section. We are committed to high quality, environmental protection, new research and development to give you better products.


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Established in the year 2012, Finetech Tissue Machines located at Faridabad has grown rapidly to become one of the famous manufacturers, suppliers and exporters company. Under the guidance of Manoj Sharma.

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From the last 20 years Finetech Tissue Machine work in national and international market and earned a very good knowledge and experience about the market so we offer the best effective and innovative solutions to our clients.


For the storage of finished items in a secured and convenient manner, we have a large and spacious warehousing solution. Our warehouses are divided into separate units according to product wise.

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