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Tissue Paper Napkin MachineThe paper industry was striving for the business opportunities and the ban on the poly bags gave them a golden opportunity to become them a rising star. Finetech Tissue Machines is the topmost industry which has revolutionized the paper products business not just in India but on a global level. It has given employment to many industries.  

We all know the importance of paper and the emerging trend of paper bags since the poly bags have faced ban in many countries. Not just paper bags, the production of tissue paper and toilet paper has made a sweeping change in the paper industry. We know how far people are concerned about the cleanliness and adopting various ways to increase the awareness about the same. There are many diseases which are borne by leaving filth and garbage in the open places. It causes the death of many or permanent disabilities due to such diseases. Maintaining a good hygiene is really necessary for people and they are getting aware about the same. The wide use of tissue papers is the proof for the same and the demand for the product is increasing rapidly as the Tissue Paper Napkin Machine Manufacturers says.

Similarly, poly bags harm the environment more than we think. This cause extinction of various species and endangered the marine life. To raise the awareness, many countries ban the use of poly bags and they are adopting an eco-friendly version of the poly bags which is paper bags. They are cost effective and easily recyclable. This is not just an eco-friendly option but it serves employment to many workers.

Finetech Tissue Machines started in 2012 with the view of providing quality products to the startups in the paper industry. The owner has the personal experience of 20 years in the same field and he started his own establishment in the year 2012 to serve the world with the high-quality machines. Having the complete range of paper industry machines, the company is leading on the top in the global market area. The range of machines includes Paper Napkin Making Machine, Toilet Paper Roll Machine, Paper Bag Making Machine, C-Fold Towel Making Machine, etc.

Products Offered By Finetech Tissue Machines:-

Tissue Paper Napkin Machine - The rising demand for tissue papers from the all four corners of the world is stressing on the quantity with the quality of the output. The machine is designed to cut the different sized paper napkins with the fine edges. It gives a good output even with the continuous use. This increases the production as well as revenue and fulfills the demand of the global market area.

Tissue papers are the soft piece of the paper napkin which is used in various industries to maintain a good hygiene and clean the environment. The wide usability of the product increases the demand for the same while increasing the production of the tissue papers.

Toilet Paper Roll Machine - Toilet paper is the necessary product of every home and office. They are used almost everywhere and it is impossible to survive without toilet paper. The machine is designed to produce big rolls of the toilet paper and cut them with the fine finish. The device has sharp blades which work efficiently. It is easy to operate and runs on low power consumption which saves huge bills for you. The most important feature of the machine is it provides you an electronic counter which helps you to control the number of sheets winded.

Paper Bag Making Machine - The demand for the paper bag is rising because it is an eco-friendly alternative to the poly bags and it is easy to use. The manufacturing of the paper bags is also easy. It can be made with the hands or with the machines. The Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturers tell about the various features of the machine. The machine is manufactured with the high-quality raw materials to serve the great functionality. The machine is available with the different sized gears and plates for the better functionality. It also features handbrake for a hassle free operation of the machine. The adjustment of the paper size is easy.


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Established in the year 2012, Finetech Tissue Machines located at Faridabad has grown rapidly to become one of the famous manufacturers, suppliers and exporters company. Under the guidance of Manoj Sharma.

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From the last 20 years Finetech Tissue Machine work in national and international market and earned a very good knowledge and experience about the market so we offer the best effective and innovative solutions to our clients.


For the storage of finished items in a secured and convenient manner, we have a large and spacious warehousing solution. Our warehouses are divided into separate units according to product wise.

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